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Historical Events on February 6

  • Treaty of Alliance (1778)


    American Revolutionary War: In Paris the Treaty of Alliance and the Treaty of Amity and Commerce are signed by the United States and France signaling official recognition of the new republic.

  • United States Constitution


    Massachusetts becomes the sixth state to ratify the United States Constitution.

  • American Colonization Society


    The first 86 African American immigrants sponsored by the American Colonization Society depart New York to start a settlement in present-day Liberia.

  • Battle of Fort Henry


    American Civil War: Forces under the command of Ulysses S. Grant and Andrew H. Foote give the Union its first victory of the war, capturing Fort Henry, Tennessee in the Battle of Fort Henry.

  • Treaty of Paris (1898)


    Spanish-American War: The Treaty of Paris, a peace treaty between the United States and Spain, is ratified by the United States Senate.

  • Women's suffrage


    British women over the age of 30 get the right to vote.

  • Thailand


    World War II: The United Kingdom declares war on Thailand.

  • Treetops Hotel


    Elizabeth II becomes queen regnant of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms upon the death of her father, George VI. At the exact moment of succession, she was in a tree house at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya.

  • Munich air disaster


    Eight Manchester United F.C. players and 15 other passengers are killed in the Munich air disaster.

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