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Historical Events on May 28

  • San Francisco


    In San Francisco, John Muir organizes the Sierra Club.

  • Volkswagen


    Volkswagen (VW), the German automobile manufacturer is founded.

  • World War II


    World War II: Belgium surrenders to Nazi Germany to end the Battle of Belgium.

  • Northern Ireland


    Northern Ireland's power-sharing Sunningdale Agreement collapses following a general strike by loyalists.

  • Bill Clinton


    U.S. President Bill Clinton's former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, Jim McDougal and Susan McDougal, and the Governor of Arkansas Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud.

  • Milan


    In Milan, Italy, after 22 years of restoration work, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece The Last Supper is put back on display.

  • Nepal


    The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal formally declares Nepal a republic, ending the 240-year reign of the Shah dynasty.

  • West Bengal


    In West Bengal, India, the Jnaneswari Express train derailment and subsequent collision kills 148 passengers.

  • Malta


    Malta votes on the introduction of divorce; the proposal was approved by 53% of voters, resulting in a law allowing divorce under certain conditions being enacted later in the year.