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  • Christian Holidays and Observances

    Christian Holidays and Observances

    Christian holidays play a very significant part in this world’s daily agenda, even though many other people around the world are not Christians and vast areas in which Christianity has no followers. The Christian holidays are well known around the world, and they are also a critical factor in international business at certain times of the year. From its very beginning, Christianity set out to mark its historical events by holidays, creating these holidays to commemorate some meaningful event in the history of the religion birth.

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  • Ramadan Festival, Brief and why do we fast?

    Ramadan Festival, Brief and why do we fast?

    Undoubtedly, the fast is regarded as divine hence; the ninth month of the Islamic is considered a blessed one. The Dhikr of Allah forms a significant activity of the fast. The peak of the month of Ramadan is a celebration known Eid ul Fitr used to offer thanks offerings to Allah. Muslims dedicate themselves to studying the Duas as well as the Quran and occupy their time performing the Dhikr.

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  • Religious Holidays, How to track?

    Religious Holidays, How to track?

    Humans are religious beings since we practice various religions, we celebrate the several special days in our religions every now and then, so there is need to keep track of these religious holidays like the  Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist Holidays. This enables us to plan ahead, and not be caught unawares. For this purpose, there is a need for a tool to curate all of the religious holidays and events, for easy access.

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