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Historical Events on May 15

  • American Revolution


    American Revolution: The Fifth Virginia Convention instructs its Continental Congress delegation to propose a resolution of independence from Great Britain, paving the way for the United States Declaration of Independence.

  • French Revolution


    French Revolution: Maximilien Robespierre proposes the Self-denying Ordinance.

  • Australian gold rushes


    The first Australian gold rush is proclaimed, although the discovery had been made three months earlier.

  • Women's suffrage


    Women's suffrage: In New York, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form the National Woman Suffrage Association.

  • Netherlands


    World War II: After fierce fighting, the poorly trained and equipped Dutch troops surrender to Germany, marking the beginning of five years of occupation.

  • Joseph Stalin


    Joseph Stalin dissolves the Comintern (or Third International).

  • Soviet Union


    The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 3.

  • Richard Nixon


    President Richard Nixon appoints Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington the first female United States Army generals.

  • Soviet war in Afghanistan


    Soviet war in Afghanistan: After more than eight years of fighting, the Soviet Army begins to withdraw 115,000 troops from Afghanistan.