Next Amazigh New Year / Yennayer holiday is on

12th January 2020, Sunday

What is Amazigh New Year / Yennayer?

Amazigh New Year / Yennayer

The Berber New Year –also known as Amazigh New Year– is a public holiday in Algeria, where businesses and schools are closed. It is celebrated on the first day of Yennayer, which is the first month of the Berber Year.

Yennayer is equivalent to January on both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Notwithstanding, the first day of Yennayer coincides with the first day of January on the Julian calendar, whereas on the Gregorian calendar, it marks the 14th of January.

Amazigh New Year / Yennayer also known as

When is Amazigh New Year / Yennayer?

How long until Amazigh New Year / Yennayer?
Next Amazigh New Year / Yennayer takes place in 86 Days.
Dates of Amazigh New Year / Yennayer
2024 Friday12th Jan
2023 Thursday12th Jan
2022 Wednesday12th Jan
2021 Tuesday12th Jan
2020 Sunday12th Jan
2019 Saturday12th Jan
2018 Friday12th Jan
2017 Thursday12th Jan
2016 Tuesday12th Jan
2015 Monday12th Jan
1 Day

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