Next Bodhi Day holiday is on

8th December 2024, Sunday

What is Bodhi Day?

Bodhi Day

According to tradition, Bodhi Day honors the day when enlightenment was reached by Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni or the historical Buddha by finding the roots of suffering after sitting under a giant Pipal tree to practice meditation. Siddhartha became a Buddha or "enlightened" when he received enlightenment. In the end, he found the answers he needed and reached the state of Nirvana.

Bodhi Day also known as

When is Bodhi Day?

How long until Bodhi Day?
Next Bodhi Day takes place in 200 Days.
Dates of Bodhi Day
2030 Sunday8th Dec
2029 Saturday8th Dec
2028 Friday8th Dec
2027 Wednesday8th Dec
2026 Tuesday8th Dec
2025 Monday8th Dec
2024 Sunday8th Dec
2023 Friday8th Dec
2022 Thursday8th Dec
2021 Wednesday8th Dec
2020 Tuesday8th Dec
2019 Sunday8th Dec
2018 Saturday8th Dec
2017 Friday8th Dec
2016 Thursday8th Dec
2015 Tuesday8th Dec
1 Day

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