Next Bon Festival holiday is on

13th August 2021, Friday

What is Bon Festival?

Bon Festival

The Bon festival is a traditional Japanese Buddhist ceremony that has existed for more than five hundred years. It commemorates the spirit of progenitors, and is held either in July or August, depending on the location. The celebration originally included a dance yclept Bon-Odori, but has evolved since then into a family holiday, where people memorialize and pay tribute to their ancestors, by visiting the household of their lineal family and cleaning their graves.

Bon Festival also known as

When is Bon Festival?

How long until Bon Festival?
Next Bon Festival takes place in 257 Days.
Dates of Bon Festival
Yearstarts onends on
2024 13th Aug15th Aug
2023 13th Aug15th Aug
2022 13th Aug15th Aug
2021 13th Aug15th Aug
2020 13th Aug15th Aug
2019 13th Aug15th Aug
2018 13th Aug16th Aug
2017 13th Aug16th Aug
2016 13th Aug16th Aug
2015 13th Aug16th Aug
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