What is Mahayana New Year?

Mahayana New Year

The first full moon in January marks the beginning of the new year in the countries which conform to the Mahayana Buddhism beliefs. Nonetheless, the Buddhist New Year falls on a different day depending on ethnicity and country. For instance, Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese hold their celebrations in correspondence with the lunar calendar – either late January or early February. Whereas Tibetans customarily celebrate roughly one month later.

Mahayana New Year also known as

When is Mahayana New Year?

Dates of Mahayana New Year
2022 Tuesday18th Jan
2021 Thursday28th Jan
2020 Friday10th Jan
2019 Monday21st Jan
2018 Tuesday2nd Jan
2017 Thursday12th Jan
2016 Sunday24th Jan
2015 Monday5th Jan
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