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15th February 2025, Saturday

What is Parinirvana Day?

Parinirvana Day

The Parinirvana is a celebratory Mahayana Buddhist holiday which falls on the 15th of February. However, some people have a proclivity towards observing it on the 8th of February instead. It commemorates the transcendence of Buddha outside his physical body on the day he deceased; attaining complete Nirvana – the ultimate goal of Buddhism. Albeit it is usually commemorated in East Asia, some Buddhist groups due west also engage in celebratory festivities.

The day is typically observed by reciting excerpts from the Nirvana Sutra recounting the final days of Buddha’s life. On that day, people often have the propensity of engaging in meditation, or visiting Buddhist temples and monasteries. Furthermore, that day is considered by many as a day of reflection – contemplating the life, future, and death of one’s own self, as well as of loved ones.

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When is Parinirvana Day?

How long until Parinirvana Day?
Next Parinirvana Day takes place in 215 Days.
Dates of Parinirvana Day
2030 Friday15th Feb
2029 Thursday15th Feb
2028 Tuesday15th Feb
2027 Monday15th Feb
2026 Sunday15th Feb
2025 Saturday15th Feb
2024 Thursday15th Feb
2023 Wednesday15th Feb
2022 Tuesday15th Feb
2021 Monday15th Feb
2020 Saturday15th Feb
2019 Friday15th Feb
2018 Thursday15th Feb
2017 Wednesday15th Feb
2016 Monday15th Feb
2015 Sunday15th Feb
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