What is Theravada New Year?

Theravada New Year

Theravada, which literally translates to School of the Elders, is the oldest branch of Buddhism that has perpetually existed to this date. It preserves the teachings of Buddha unaltered in the Pāli Canon, which is an agglomeration of ancient Buddhist passages written in the Pāli language –a language idiosyncratic to the Indian subcontinent– as its core belief. The Pāli Canon also comprises sundry traditions, customs, and practices of other cultures; due to its long perennial history of interacting with said cultures. Theravada Buddhism is the most practiced form of religion in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. It is also embraced in China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Vietnam by minority groups.

When is Theravada New Year?

Dates of Theravada New Year
2022 Saturday16th Apr
2021 Tuesday27th Apr
2020 Tuesday7th Apr
2019 Friday19th Apr
2018 Monday30th Apr
2017 Tuesday11th Apr
2016 Friday22nd Apr
2015 Saturday4th Apr
1 Day

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