Next Heritage Day (Alberta) holiday is on

2nd August 2021, Monday

What is Heritage Day (Alberta)?

Heritage Day (Alberta)

Heritage Day is a public holiday in Alberta, Canada, which falls annually on the first Monday of August. Canadians in Alberta habitually benefit from the long weekend by engaging in assorted activities, such as spending time with family and friends, camping, and hiking. On that day, the Fort Calgary museum is an important touristic destination; for it celebrates Heritage Day by conducting sundry activities, most notably, treasure hunts and genealogy presentations.

Moreover, Heritage Day also hosts a prominent event, the Servus Heritage Festival, which is a three-day festival commemorating Alberta’s multicultural heritage. The festival has been witnessing a steady increase in attendance since its outset, with more than 400,000 people attending in 2006.

When is Heritage Day (Alberta)?

How long until Heritage Day (Alberta)?
Next Heritage Day (Alberta) takes place in 82 Days.
Dates of Heritage Day (Alberta)
2025 Monday4th Aug
2024 Monday5th Aug
2023 Monday7th Aug
2022 Monday1st Aug
2021 Monday2nd Aug
2020 Monday3rd Aug
2019 Monday5th Aug
2018 Monday6th Aug
2017 Monday7th Aug
2016 Monday1st Aug
2015 Monday3rd Aug
1 Day

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