Next Islander Day holiday is on

19th February 2024, Monday

What is Islander Day?

Islander Day

Islander Day is a public holiday in the Canadian maritime province Prince Edward Island. It typically falls annually on the third Monday of February, and it revolves around celebrating families. People usually observe the day by making full use of the long weekend to relax, take a short winter break, or travel.

Islander Day also known as

When is Islander Day?

How long until Islander Day?
Next Islander Day takes place in 335 Days.
Dates of Islander Day
2030 Monday18th Feb
2029 Monday19th Feb
2028 Monday21st Feb
2027 Monday15th Feb
2026 Monday16th Feb
2025 Monday17th Feb
2024 Monday19th Feb
2023 Monday20th Feb
2022 Monday21st Feb
2021 Monday15th Feb
2020 Monday17th Feb
2019 Monday18th Feb
2018 Monday19th Feb
2017 Monday20th Feb
2016 Monday15th Feb
2015 Monday16th Feb
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