Next National Patriots' Day (Quebec) holiday is on

22nd May 2023, Monday

What is National Patriots' Day (Quebec)?

National Patriots' Day (Quebec)

National Patriots’ Day is a public holiday in Québec, falling annually on the Monday preceding the 25th of May; concurring with Victoria Day. It celebrates the rebellion against the British in the year 1837.

Many events and historic activities are organized to celebrate the day, including concerts, marches, and public speeches. Furthermore, numerous organizations, societies, and community groups arrange disparate idiosyncratic events, activities, and celebratory dinners for National Patriots’ Day.

When is National Patriots' Day (Quebec)?

How long until National Patriots' Day (Quebec)?
Next National Patriots' Day (Quebec) takes place in 113 Days.
Dates of National Patriots' Day (Quebec)
2030 Monday20th May
2029 Monday21st May
2028 Monday22nd May
2027 Monday24th May
2026 Monday18th May
2025 Monday19th May
2024 Monday20th May
2023 Monday22nd May
2022 Monday23rd May
2021 Monday24th May
2020 Monday18th May
2019 Monday20th May
2018 Monday21st May
2017 Monday22nd May
2016 Monday23rd May
2015 Monday18th May
1 Day

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