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12th July 2021, Monday

What is Orangemen's Day?

Orangemen's Day

Orangemen’s Day is a public holiday that is observed on the Monday prior to the 12th of July –sometimes held during the winter in areas where people work in the cod fishing industry– in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It memorializes the Battle of the Boyne, which betided in 1960, and it is usually celebrated by Protestants who espouse the Orange Order.

On that day, Lodges of the Orange Order arrange parades in pre-determined routes, where they march along with a marching band, and carrying banners with the symbol of the Orange Order. Afterwards, family celebrations –yclept “Times”– are organized by the lodges, which are comprised of communal meals, picnics, and dancing.

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When is Orangemen's Day?

How long until Orangemen's Day?
Next Orangemen's Day takes place in 332 Days.
Dates of Orangemen's Day
2025 Monday14th Jul
2024 Monday15th Jul
2023 Monday10th Jul
2022 Monday11th Jul
2021 Monday12th Jul
2020 Monday13th Jul
2019 Monday15th Jul
2018 Monday9th Jul
2017 Monday10th Jul
2016 Monday11th Jul
2015 Monday13th Jul
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