Next Saint Jean Baptiste Day holiday is on

24th June 2023, Saturday

What is Saint Jean Baptiste Day?

Saint Jean Baptiste Day

The 24th of June of every year marks the Saint Jean Baptiste Day, which commemorates the baptizing of Jesus in the River Jordan on the hand of the Jewish pulpiteer, St. John. It is generally celebrated in Quebec, Canada.

St. Jean Baptiste Day –also known by various appellations, including Quebec’s National Holiday, la Saint Jean, and Fête Nationale du Québec– is a public holiday with a wide array of festivities that are arranged by the Mouvement national des Québécoises et des Québécois, such as sports tournaments, concerts, parades, and fireworks display, along with small communal celebrations, including picnics, yard sales, and barbecues. Furthermore, sundry church bells ring in commemoration of the day, and some small events –for example, funfairs and public dances– are held on the evening leading to the 24th of June.

Saint Jean Baptiste Day also known as

When is Saint Jean Baptiste Day?

How long until Saint Jean Baptiste Day?
Next Saint Jean Baptiste Day takes place in 353 Days.
Dates of Saint Jean Baptiste Day
2030 Monday24th Jun
2029 Sunday24th Jun
2028 Saturday24th Jun
2027 Thursday24th Jun
2026 Wednesday24th Jun
2025 Tuesday24th Jun
2024 Monday24th Jun
2023 Saturday24th Jun
2022 Friday24th Jun
2021 Thursday24th Jun
2020 Wednesday24th Jun
2019 Monday24th Jun
2018 Sunday24th Jun
2017 Saturday24th Jun
2016 Friday24th Jun
2015 Wednesday24th Jun
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