Next Feast of Saint Anthony holiday is on

13th June 2022, Monday

What is Feast of Saint Anthony?

Feast of Saint Anthony

The Feast of Saint Anthony is an annual regional holiday that is observed on the 13th of June. It commemorates St. Anthony, a Portuguese Catholic priest who died in the year 1231. St. Anthony is the patron saint of Portugal, the patron saint of children, and the patron saint of people who lose things.

St. Anthony was born in 1195 to a wealthy family in Lisbon, Portugal. He was ordained as a priest, and became a Franciscan of the Order of Friars Minor after being inspired by five monks of the Franciscan Order who died in their endeavor of preaching the Gospel.

In the year 1232, one year after St. Anthony’s death, Pope Gregory IX canonized St. Anthony of Lisbon due to his numerous miracles and wonders – he was awarded the epithets “The Saint of Miracles” and “The Wonder Worker”. He also became a Doctor of the Church in the year 1946. Noteworthy, St. Anthony is the second-fastest canonized saint in history.

When is Feast of Saint Anthony?

How long until Feast of Saint Anthony?
Next Feast of Saint Anthony takes place in 354 Days.
Dates of Feast of Saint Anthony
2024 Thursday13th Jun
2023 Tuesday13th Jun
2022 Monday13th Jun
2021 Sunday13th Jun
2020 Saturday13th Jun
2019 Thursday13th Jun
2018 Wednesday13th Jun
2017 Tuesday13th Jun
2016 Monday13th Jun
2015 Saturday13th Jun
1 Day

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