Next Michael and All Angels holiday is on

29th September 2020, Tuesday

What is Michael and All Angels?

Michael and All Angels

In the Western liturgical calendars, the day of Saint Michael is celebrated on September 29 in the Christian community. In some denominations, a reference to the fourth angel, usually Uriel, is also added. Saint-Michel was one of the four quarter days of the fiscal year.

When is Michael and All Angels?

How long until Michael and All Angels?
Next Michael and All Angels takes place in 219 Days.
Dates of Michael and All Angels
2024 Sunday29th Sep
2023 Friday29th Sep
2022 Thursday29th Sep
2021 Wednesday29th Sep
2020 Tuesday29th Sep
2019 Sunday29th Sep
2018 Saturday29th Sep
2017 Friday29th Sep
2016 Thursday29th Sep
2015 Tuesday29th Sep
1 Day

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