Next Saint George's Day holiday is on

23rd April 2025, Wednesday

What is Saint George's Day?

Saint George's Day

Day also known as the Feast of Saint George. This is the Feast of Saint George that is celebrated by various Christian churches and by several cities, countries, kingdoms and different nations of which Saint George is the patron saint.

The day of Saint George is celebrated on April 23, a date that traditionally corresponds to the death of Saint George during the period of the Persecution of Diocletian AD 303. This date currently falls on May 6 according to the Gregorian calendar, but that date differs for Eastern Orthodox Churches that use the Julian calendar. This day used to fall on May 5 in the 19th century.

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When is Saint George's Day?

How long until Saint George's Day?
Next Saint George's Day takes place in 330 Days.
Dates of Saint George's Day
2030 Tuesday23rd Apr
2029 Monday23rd Apr
2028 Sunday23rd Apr
2027 Friday23rd Apr
2026 Thursday23rd Apr
2025 Wednesday23rd Apr
2024 Tuesday23rd Apr
2023 Sunday23rd Apr
2022 Saturday23rd Apr
2021 Friday23rd Apr
2020 Thursday23rd Apr
2019 Tuesday23rd Apr
2018 Monday23rd Apr
2017 Sunday23rd Apr
2016 Saturday23rd Apr
2015 Thursday23rd Apr
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