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19th March 2024, Tuesday

What is Saint Joseph's Day?

Saint Joseph's Day

In Western Christianity, Saint Joseph's Day is the day of Saint Joseph's main holiday, the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the legal father of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on March 19th. It is a celebration or a commemoration in the provinces of the Anglican Communion and a feast or a festival in the Lutheran Church. As for the Catholic Church, it is considered as a solemnity. Saint Joseph's Day is Patron Saint's Day for Canada, as well as for Poland. Many people are named Joseph, Josephine, etc. and likewise for many schools, religious institutes, and parishes, and for carpenters. This day also represents Father's Day in some of the Catholic countries mainly Italy, Portugal, and Spain. It is an obligatory holiday of obligation for Catholics unless the particular Episcopal Conference waives the obligation.

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When is Saint Joseph's Day?

How long until Saint Joseph's Day?
Next Saint Joseph's Day takes place in 14 Days.
Dates of Saint Joseph's Day
2030 Tuesday19th Mar
2029 Monday19th Mar
2028 Sunday19th Mar
2027 Friday19th Mar
2026 Thursday19th Mar
2025 Wednesday19th Mar
2024 Tuesday19th Mar
2023 Sunday19th Mar
2022 Saturday19th Mar
2021 Friday19th Mar
2020 Thursday19th Mar
2019 Tuesday19th Mar
2018 Monday19th Mar
2017 Sunday19th Mar
2016 Saturday19th Mar
2015 Thursday19th Mar
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