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9th February 2025, Sunday

What is Saint Maroun's Day?

Saint Maroun's Day

Saint Maron’s Day is observed annually on the 9th of February since the 17th century. It is typically celebrated in Maronite churches worldwide, especially in Lebanon, where it is a public holiday since they have declared Maron as their patron saint.

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When is Saint Maroun's Day?

How long until Saint Maroun's Day?
Next Saint Maroun's Day takes place in 341 Days.
Dates of Saint Maroun's Day
2030 Saturday9th Feb
2029 Friday9th Feb
2028 Wednesday9th Feb
2027 Tuesday9th Feb
2026 Monday9th Feb
2025 Sunday9th Feb
2024 Friday9th Feb
2023 Thursday9th Feb
2022 Wednesday9th Feb
2021 Tuesday9th Feb
2020 Sunday9th Feb
2019 Saturday9th Feb
2018 Friday9th Feb
2017 Thursday9th Feb
2016 Tuesday9th Feb
2015 Monday9th Feb
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