Next Oktoberfest holiday is on

17th September 2022, Saturday

What is Oktoberfest?


Oktoberfest is an annual German travelling funfair that is held in Munich and Bavaria. It is considered as the world’s largest beer festival. It typically occurs during the second half of September, lasting between 16 to 18 days, with millions of people attending from around the world. Oktoberfest –locally known as Wiesn– is being held since 1810, making it an essential part of the German culture.

Oktoberfest also known as

When is Oktoberfest?

How long until Oktoberfest?
Next Oktoberfest takes place in 356 Days.
Dates of Oktoberfest
Yearstarts onends on
2024 21st Sep6th Oct
2023 16th Sep3rd Oct
2022 17th Sep3rd Oct
2021 18th Sep3rd Oct
2020 19th Sep4th Oct
2019 19th Sep7th Oct
2018 22nd Sep7th Oct
2017 16th Sep3rd Oct
2016 17th Sep3rd Oct
2015 19th Sep4th Oct
2174 Days

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