Next Anant Chaturdashi holiday is on

17th September 2024, Tuesday

What is Anant Chaturdashi?

Anant Chaturdashi

There are two important values associated with Anant Chaturdashi. The first is that it represents the day of the immersion of Ganpati. On this day, the festival of Ganpati comes to an end. The installed Murtis of Lord Ganpati are taken to a sea, a river or a lake in great processions to be immersed in the water. Thus Lord Ganesha is departed, only to be welcomed the next year.

The second reason for celebrating Anant Chaturdashi is that on this day, people recite and listen to the legends and stories of Lord Vishnu who is Anant, the Infinite. They also recite hymns from the Vedas. This is also called Ananta Vrat.

Anant Chaturdashi also known as

When is Anant Chaturdashi?

How long until Anant Chaturdashi?
Next Anant Chaturdashi takes place in 94 Days.
Dates of Anant Chaturdashi
2030 Tuesday10th Sep
2029 Friday21st Sep
2028 Saturday2nd Sep
2027 Tuesday14th Sep
2026 Friday25th Sep
2025 Saturday6th Sep
2024 Tuesday17th Sep
2023 Thursday28th Sep
2022 Friday9th Sep
2021 Sunday19th Sep
2020 Tuesday1st Sep
2019 Thursday12th Sep
2018 Monday24th Sep
2017 Tuesday5th Sep
2016 Thursday15th Sep
2015 Sunday27th Sep
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