Next Bihu / Bengali New Year holiday is on

15th April 2025, Tuesday

What is Bihu / Bengali New Year?

Bihu / Bengali New Year

The Assamese people of India have a major festival denominated Bihu, which is composed of three distinctive ceremonies that are observed on different months of the year. The most prominent of the three festivals is the Rongali Bihu, which marks the start of the new year in the Assam state, as well as the spring festival. It typically falls in April, according the Gregorian calendar. The second festival is the Magh Bihu, which is a harvest festival that celebrates the end of the harvesting season; coinciding with January. It is usually celebrated by holding feasts and bonfires for a week. The third and final festival is the Kongali Bihu, which is known for its disparate nature in juxtaposition with the other two festivals; for its lack of the exuberant atmosphere. It is usually observed in October by farmers who pray for a good harvest.

Bihu / Bengali New Year also known as

When is Bihu / Bengali New Year?

How long until Bihu / Bengali New Year?
Next Bihu / Bengali New Year takes place in 301 Days.
Dates of Bihu / Bengali New Year
2030 Monday15th Apr
2029 Sunday15th Apr
2028 Saturday15th Apr
2027 Thursday15th Apr
2026 Wednesday15th Apr
2025 Tuesday15th Apr
2024 Monday15th Apr
2023 Saturday15th Apr
2022 Friday15th Apr
2021 Thursday15th Apr
2020 Wednesday15th Apr
2019 Monday15th Apr
2018 Sunday15th Apr
2017 Saturday15th Apr
2016 Friday15th Apr
2015 Wednesday15th Apr
1 Day

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