Next Naga Panchami holiday is on

21st August 2023, Monday

What is Naga Panchami?

Naga Panchami

Hindus have an ancient tradition of worshipping snakes and serpents, denominated Naga Panchami. It is celebrated in every country where Hindus reside. It habitually occurs on the fifth day of the Shravana month, which covers the period of July and August on the Gregorian calendar. According to the Hindu culture, snakes and serpents dwell in the realms of the netherworld, which in Indian religions is known as the patala loka. The patala loka comprises seven regions, the lowest of which is called Naga-loka. Hindus worship the snakes for their belief that they endow blessings and prosperity upon families. The day is usually observed by laving the serpent deities in milk, which are then venerated.

When is Naga Panchami?

How long until Naga Panchami?
Next Naga Panchami takes place in 258 Days.
Dates of Naga Panchami
2030 Sunday4th Aug
2029 Tuesday14th Aug
2028 Wednesday26th Jul
2027 Friday6th Aug
2026 Monday17th Aug
2025 Tuesday29th Jul
2024 Friday9th Aug
2023 Monday21st Aug
2022 Tuesday2nd Aug
2021 Friday13th Aug
2020 Saturday25th Jul
2019 Monday5th Aug
2018 Wednesday15th Aug
2017 Thursday27th Jul
2016 Sunday7th Aug
2015 Wednesday19th Aug
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