Next Savitri Brata holiday is on

19th May 2023, Friday

What is Savitri Brata?

Savitri Brata

Savitri Brata is a festival observed by married Hindu women in Odisha, India. On that day, married women are typically dedicated to praying for their husbands; wishing them a long, healthy life full of prosperity and welfare.

When is Savitri Brata?

How long until Savitri Brata?
Next Savitri Brata takes place in 54 Days.
Dates of Savitri Brata
2030 Friday31st May
2029 Monday11th Jun
2028 Tuesday23rd May
2027 Friday4th Jun
2026 Saturday16th May
2025 Monday26th May
2024 Thursday6th Jun
2023 Friday19th May
2022 Monday30th May
2021 Thursday10th Jun
2020 Friday22nd May
2019 Monday3rd Jun
2018 Tuesday15th May
2017 Thursday25th May
2016 Saturday4th Jun
2015 Sunday17th May
1 Day

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