Next Tamil New Year holiday is on

14th April 2025, Monday

What is Tamil New Year?

Tamil New Year

The Tamil people celebrate the Tamil Punthandu –literally translates to Tamil New Year– on the first day of Chitterai in the Tamil calendar, which marks the beginning of the new year. It usually corresponds with the 14th of April on the Gregorian calendar. Hindus around the world observe the new year on the same date, as well. However, it is known in different parts of India by other names, such as Vishu in the Indian state of Kerala; and Vaisakhi in the regions of India where Sikhism is practiced.

Tamil New Year also known as

When is Tamil New Year?

How long until Tamil New Year?
Next Tamil New Year takes place in 355 Days.
Dates of Tamil New Year
2030 Sunday14th Apr
2029 Saturday14th Apr
2028 Friday14th Apr
2027 Wednesday14th Apr
2026 Tuesday14th Apr
2025 Monday14th Apr
2024 Sunday14th Apr
2023 Friday14th Apr
2022 Thursday14th Apr
2021 Wednesday14th Apr
2020 Tuesday14th Apr
2019 Sunday14th Apr
2018 Saturday14th Apr
2017 Friday14th Apr
2016 Thursday14th Apr
2015 Tuesday14th Apr
1 Day

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