Next Vishwakarma Puja holiday is on

17th September 2023, Sunday

What is Vishwakarma Puja?

Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma Puja is a festival that celebrates the Hindu demiurge responsible for the creation of the world; Vishwakarma, who is known as the god of architecture. He devised the holy city of Dwarka in northwestern India, where Krishna –the eighth avatar of god Vishnu– reigned. He also created many mythical weapons for the gods. Moreover, he is mentioned in the Rigveda as the father of mechanics and architecture.

Vishwakarma Puja also known as

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When is Vishwakarma Puja?

How long until Vishwakarma Puja?
Next Vishwakarma Puja takes place in 350 Days.
Dates of Vishwakarma Puja
2024 Monday16th Sep
2023 Sunday17th Sep
2022 Saturday17th Sep
2021 Thursday16th Sep
2020 Wednesday16th Sep
2019 Tuesday17th Sep
2018 Monday17th Sep
2017 Sunday17th Sep
2016 Friday16th Sep
2015 Thursday17th Sep
1 Day

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