Next Fast of Gedaliah holiday is on

18th September 2023, Monday

What is Fast of Gedaliah?

Fast of Gedaliah

The Fast of Gedalia is a short one-day fast observed by Jews, which starts at dawn and ends at dusk. It is dedicated to mourning the murder of the legitimate ruler of Judah. The Jewish sovereignty thereupon ceased to exist following the demolition of Solomon’s Temple.

Fast of Gedaliah also known as

When is Fast of Gedaliah?

How long until Fast of Gedaliah?
Next Fast of Gedaliah takes place in 351 Days.
Dates of Fast of Gedaliah
2024 Saturday5th Oct
2023 Monday18th Sep
2022 Wednesday28th Sep
2021 Thursday9th Sep
2020 Monday21st Sep
2019 Wednesday2nd Oct
2018 Wednesday12th Sep
2017 Sunday24th Sep
2016 Wednesday5th Oct
2015 Wednesday16th Sep
1 Day

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