What is The Holocaust Remembrance Day?

The Holocaust Remembrance Day

It is a day of international commemoration that falls on January 27 honoring the calamity of the Holocaust that took place during the Second World War. This day commemorates the genocide that claimed the lives of nearly 9,000 homosexual men, 250,000 physically and mentally disabled people, 200,000 Romas, 3 million ethnic Poles, 5 million Slavs and 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime and its accomplices.

The Holocaust Remembrance Day also known as

When is The Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Dates of The Holocaust Remembrance Day
2024 Monday6th May
2023 Tuesday18th Apr
2022 Thursday28th Apr
2021 Wednesday7th Apr
2020 Tuesday21st Apr
2019 Thursday2nd May
2018 Thursday12th Apr
2017 Monday24th Apr
2016 Thursday5th May
2015 Thursday16th Apr
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