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20th November 2024, Wednesday

What is International Children's Day?

International Children's Day

In 1857, the pastor of the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Reverend Dr. Charles, inaugurated Children’s Day on the second Sunday of June. Formerly, it was named Rose Day, then it was altered to Flower Sun, and eventually, the name was set to be Children’s Day.

Children’s Day is dedicated to celebrate children worldwide, and is typically held on different dates in various countries.

International Children's Day also known as

When is International Children's Day?

How long until International Children's Day?
Next International Children's Day takes place in 174 Days.
Dates of International Children's Day
2030 Wednesday20th Nov
2029 Tuesday20th Nov
2028 Monday20th Nov
2027 Saturday20th Nov
2026 Friday20th Nov
2025 Thursday20th Nov
2024 Wednesday20th Nov
2023 Monday20th Nov
2022 Sunday20th Nov
2021 Saturday20th Nov
2020 Friday20th Nov
2019 Wednesday20th Nov
2018 Tuesday20th Nov
2017 Monday20th Nov
2016 Sunday20th Nov
2015 Friday20th Nov
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