Next Mother's Day (May) holiday is on

8th May 2022, Sunday

What is Mother's Day (May)?

Mother's Day (May)

Mother’s Day is an international celebration that honors mothers worldwide for their perpetual influence on the society. It is observed on disparate days according to each country. Nonetheless, it is commonly celebrated in either March or May. Mother’s Day is usually commemorated on the second Sunday of May in most countries, whereas most East European countries and most Arab countries celebrate it on the 8th and 21st of March, respectively.

When is Mother's Day (May)?

How long until Mother's Day (May)?
Next Mother's Day (May) takes place in 360 Days.
Dates of Mother's Day (May)
2024 Sunday12th May
2023 Sunday14th May
2022 Sunday8th May
2021 Sunday9th May
2020 Sunday10th May
2019 Sunday12th May
2018 Sunday13th May
2017 Sunday14th May
2016 Sunday8th May
2015 Sunday10th May
1 Day

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