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4th January 2025, Saturday

What is National Spaghetti Day?

National Spaghetti Day

National Spaghetti Day is celebrated every year on January 4th. It's a day dedicated to one of the most beloved and iconic dishes in Italian cuisine - spaghetti! This day is a great opportunity for pasta lovers around the world to indulge in a big bowl of delicious, twirly spaghetti noodles smothered in sauce and topped with grated cheese. Whether you prefer your spaghetti with meatballs, marinara, or pesto, this day is all about celebrating the flavors and traditions of this classic dish.

Spaghetti is a dish that has been enjoyed for centuries, and it has become a staple in many households around the world. The long, thin noodles are perfect for twirling around your fork and slurping up with gusto. Whether you're a fan of traditional Italian spaghetti or a more modern twist on the classic dish, there's no denying the universal appeal of this beloved pasta.

On National Spaghetti Day, people celebrate in a variety of ways. Some people like to cook up a big pot of spaghetti at home, while others prefer to visit their favorite Italian restaurant to indulge in a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. No matter how you choose to celebrate, one thing is for sure - National Spaghetti Day is a day that all pasta lovers can get behind!

When is National Spaghetti Day?

How long until National Spaghetti Day?
Next National Spaghetti Day takes place in 172 Days.
Dates of National Spaghetti Day
2030 Friday4th Jan
2029 Thursday4th Jan
2028 Tuesday4th Jan
2027 Monday4th Jan
2026 Sunday4th Jan
2025 Saturday4th Jan
2024 Thursday4th Jan
2023 Wednesday4th Jan
2022 Tuesday4th Jan
2021 Monday4th Jan
2020 Saturday4th Jan
2019 Friday4th Jan
2018 Thursday4th Jan
2017 Wednesday4th Jan
2016 Monday4th Jan
2015 Sunday4th Jan
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