Next World Environment Day holiday is on

5th June 2020, Friday

What is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is an annual celebration that was commenced in 1974, and is observed on the 5th of June. WED was instigated by the United Nations to promote the protection of the environment, and raise awareness anent environmental problems such as pollution, global warming, urban sprawl, and waste disposal, which affect all the living organisms alike. The continuous growth of WED has been globally acclaimed, with more than 143 countries participating every year. WED promotes a new theme on yearly basis, which are espoused and advocated by governments, NGOs, major corporations, and celebrities all over the world.

World Environment Day also known as

When is World Environment Day?

How long until World Environment Day?
Next World Environment Day takes place in 1 Days.
Dates of World Environment Day
2024 Wednesday5th Jun
2023 Monday5th Jun
2022 Sunday5th Jun
2021 Saturday5th Jun
2020 Friday5th Jun
2019 Wednesday5th Jun
2018 Tuesday5th Jun
2017 Monday5th Jun
2016 Sunday5th Jun
2015 Friday5th Jun
1 Day

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