Next Guru Gobind Singh Birthday holiday is on

27th December 2025, Saturday

What is Guru Gobind Singh Birthday?

Guru Gobind Singh Birthday

Guru Gobind Singh was the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Guru of the Sikh religion. He was officially inducted as the tenth Sikh Guru at the age of nine, following the beheading of his father for repudiating the conversion to Islam. Guru Gobind Singh was known to be a philosopher, poet, warrior, and most importantly, a spiritual master.

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When is Guru Gobind Singh Birthday?

How long until Guru Gobind Singh Birthday?
Next Guru Gobind Singh Birthday takes place in 520 Days.
Dates of Guru Gobind Singh Birthday
2030 Thursday10th Jan
2028 Tuesday4th Jan
2027 Friday15th Jan
2025 Saturday27th Dec
2024 Wednesday17th Jan
2023 Thursday5th Jan
2022 Sunday9th Jan
2021 Wednesday20th Jan
2020 Thursday2nd Jan
2019 Sunday13th Jan
2018 Friday5th Jan
2017 Thursday5th Jan
2016 Saturday16th Jan
2015 Monday5th Jan
1 Day

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