When is Vaisakhi 2020?

Vaisakhi 2020 started on Monday 13th Apr, 2020 (13/04/2020) 1467 days ago

What is Vaisakhi?


Vaisakhi is a religious ceremony that marks the beginning of the new year in Sikhism. It is tantamount to the Tamil Punthandu –the Tamil New Year, which is celebrated by Tamils– and falls on the same date, the 14th of April on the Gregorian calendar. The Vaisakhi festival honors the founding of the Khalsa tradition, which was inaugurated in 1699 by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Dates for Vaisakhi from 2015 to 2030

The next occurrence of Vaisakhi is marked in red

When is ...?WeekdayDateDays away
Vaisakhi 2030SundayApr 14th in 2185 days
Vaisakhi 2029SaturdayApr 14th in 1820 days
Vaisakhi 2028ThursdayApr 13th in 1454 days
Vaisakhi 2027WednesdayApr 14th in 1089 days
Vaisakhi 2026TuesdayApr 14th in 724 days
Vaisakhi 2025MondayApr 14th in 359 days
Vaisakhi 2024SaturdayApr 13th 6 days ago
Vaisakhi 2023FridayApr 14th 371 days ago
Vaisakhi 2022ThursdayApr 14th 736 days ago
Vaisakhi 2021TuesdayApr 13th 1102 days ago
Vaisakhi 2020MondayApr 13th 1467 days ago
Vaisakhi 2019SundayApr 14th 1832 days ago
Vaisakhi 2018SaturdayApr 14th 2197 days ago
Vaisakhi 2017ThursdayApr 13th 2563 days ago
Vaisakhi 2016WednesdayApr 13th 2928 days ago
Vaisakhi 2015TuesdayApr 14th 3293 days ago
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Quick Facts

Start DateApr 13, 2020
When? Ended 1467 days ago
Duration1 Day
Type Sikh Holidays

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