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10th June 2024, Monday

What is Day of La Rioja?

Day of La Rioja

La Rioja is an autonomous community in Spain that was granted its sovereignty on the 9th of June, 1982. Since then, that date became an annual celebration in La Rioja, where the general population has the day off and most businesses are closed.

On that day, the populace of La Rioja observe the day by displaying the flag of La Rioja on buildings, and wearing clothes or painting their faces based on the colors of the flag. Moreover, they engage in several festivities and events, including sports events; communal meals; wine and traditional dishes tasting; modern and traditional music concerts; and exhibiting the works of local artists.

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When is Day of La Rioja?

How long until Day of La Rioja?
Next Day of La Rioja takes place in 251 Days.
Dates of Day of La Rioja
2030 Sunday9th Jun
2029 Saturday9th Jun
2028 Friday9th Jun
2027 Wednesday9th Jun
2026 Tuesday9th Jun
2025 Monday9th Jun
2024 Monday10th Jun
2023 Friday9th Jun
2022 Thursday9th Jun
2021 Wednesday9th Jun
2020 Tuesday9th Jun
2019 Monday10th Jun
2018 Saturday9th Jun
2017 Friday9th Jun
2016 Thursday9th Jun
2015 Tuesday9th Jun
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