Next Day of Madrid holiday is on

2nd May 2024, Thursday

What is Day of Madrid?

Day of Madrid

The 2nd of May marks Comunidad de Madrid –roughly translated to Day of Madrid– which is an annual regional holiday peculiar to the city of Madrid, Spain. It commemorates the War of Independence, which took place on the same day in the year 1808. During that period, Madrid had been under the sovereignty of France; and King Charles IV of Spain was bludgeoned by Napoleon to abdicate his throne in favor of Ferdinand VII, his son.

The French troops, under the command of General Murat, ventured to abduct the daughter and youngest son of Charles IV, and take them to Bayonne. The governors of Madrid were coerced to agree to their demands, albeit reluctantly. Nonetheless, upon the arrival of the French at the Royal Palace, myriads of people gathered in an insurgence with the resolve of thwarting the French from fulfilling their onset. In response, the French opened fire on the crowd; causing an insurrection all-over Madrid, with the populace resisting the immensely better-equipped French troops.

When is Day of Madrid?

How long until Day of Madrid?
Next Day of Madrid takes place in 17 Days.
Dates of Day of Madrid
2030 Thursday2nd May
2029 Wednesday2nd May
2028 Tuesday2nd May
2027 Sunday2nd May
2026 Saturday2nd May
2025 Friday2nd May
2024 Thursday2nd May
2023 Tuesday2nd May
2022 Monday2nd May
2021 Sunday2nd May
2020 Saturday2nd May
2019 Thursday2nd May
2018 Wednesday2nd May
2017 Tuesday2nd May
2016 Monday2nd May
2015 Saturday2nd May
1 Day

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