Next Galician Literature Day holiday is on

17th May 2025, Saturday

What is Galician Literature Day?

Galician Literature Day

Día das Letras Galegas –roughly translated to Galician Literature Day– is a regional public holiday in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia. It typically falls on the 17th of May every year.

In Spain, each community that has been granted its autonomy can declare two idiosyncratic regional holidays aside from the national public holidays. Said regional holidays are generally dedicated to commemorating a prominent regional saint or to paying homage to a historical battle, usually a lost one – it is considered more histrionic to honor a noble defeat than the triumphant subjugation of an enemy.

One of the regional holidays of Galicia is the Feast Day of St. James, which falls on the 25th of July, coinciding with the Day of Galicia. Whereas the other regional holiday is dedicated to acknowledging the language and literature of Galicia.

When is Galician Literature Day?

How long until Galician Literature Day?
Next Galician Literature Day takes place in 353 Days.
Dates of Galician Literature Day
2030 Friday17th May
2029 Thursday17th May
2028 Wednesday17th May
2027 Monday17th May
2026 Sunday17th May
2025 Saturday17th May
2024 Friday17th May
2023 Wednesday17th May
2022 Tuesday17th May
2021 Monday17th May
2020 Sunday17th May
2019 Friday17th May
2018 Thursday17th May
2017 Wednesday17th May
2016 Tuesday17th May
2015 Sunday17th May
1 Day

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