Next National Day of Catalonia holiday is on

11th September 2023, Monday

What is National Day of Catalonia?

National Day of Catalonia

The National Day of Catalonia is a regional holiday that is celebrated exclusively in the sovereign community of Catalonia in Spain. It is celebrated annually on the 11th of September, featuring a wide array of festivities spanning the entire day, such as, communal meals which are cooked in pans of four meters (12 feet) in diameter; traditional and modern music concerts; private parties; political demonstrations and parades; and paying homage to the Catalan heroes and soldiers who perished in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714. Furthermore, the streets, houses, and buildings are usually decorated with the flag of Catalonia.

On that day, the populace takes the day off, and most organizations, businesses, and stores are closed. However, some bakeries and grocery stores may be open for business. Whereas public transports are usually running –except in rural areas, where it is conditional– to a reduced timetable, notwithstanding. There may be some impediments to traffic due to the demonstrations and parades, especially in Barcelona.

If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the authorities usually push it to a different day. In case of falling on a working day two days prior to, or subsequent to, a weekend holiday, many businesses and organizations usually take the in-between day off, as well.

When is National Day of Catalonia?

How long until National Day of Catalonia?
Next National Day of Catalonia takes place in 174 Days.
Dates of National Day of Catalonia
2030 Wednesday11th Sep
2029 Tuesday11th Sep
2028 Monday11th Sep
2027 Saturday11th Sep
2026 Friday11th Sep
2025 Thursday11th Sep
2024 Wednesday11th Sep
2023 Monday11th Sep
2022 Sunday11th Sep
2021 Saturday11th Sep
2020 Friday11th Sep
2019 Wednesday11th Sep
2018 Tuesday11th Sep
2017 Monday11th Sep
2016 Sunday11th Sep
2015 Friday11th Sep
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