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15th May 2025, Thursday

What is San Isidro's Feast Day?

San Isidro's Feast Day

San Isidro’s Feast Day is an annual celebration in Madrid that is observed on the 15th of May. The day marks the death of San Isidro; the patron saint of Madrid and the patron saint of peasants and laborers.

San Isidro was a Campesino who was born and raised in Madrid during the 11th century, and was eminent for his magnanimity and benevolence. Since the year 1769, San Isidro’s remains have been kept locked in a tomb in the San Isidro Church, and the only person who has access to the tomb’s master key is the King of Spain.

The festivities commence on the Friday prior to the 15th, and lasting for 9 days – it is considered as the biggest fiesta in Madrid. On the day itself, people traditionally go on a pilgrimage to drink from the holy water of San Isidro’s fountain.

San Isidro's Feast Day also known as

When is San Isidro's Feast Day?

How long until San Isidro's Feast Day?
Next San Isidro's Feast Day takes place in 307 Days.
Dates of San Isidro's Feast Day
2030 Wednesday15th May
2029 Tuesday15th May
2028 Monday15th May
2027 Saturday15th May
2026 Friday15th May
2025 Thursday15th May
2024 Wednesday15th May
2023 Monday15th May
2022 Sunday15th May
2021 Saturday15th May
2020 Friday15th May
2019 Wednesday15th May
2018 Tuesday15th May
2017 Monday15th May
2016 Sunday15th May
2015 Friday15th May
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