Next Martyrs' Day in Syria holiday is on

6th May 2023, Saturday

What is Martyrs' Day in Syria?

Martyrs' Day in Syria

Martyrs’ Day is a national holiday in Syria and Lebanon that honors the souls of those who perished in Damascus and Beirut on the 6th of May, 1916 by the Ottoman military leader Jamal Pasha, who is commonly known as “Al-Saffah” or “Jamal Pasha the Bloodthirsty”.

When is Martyrs' Day in Syria?

How long until Martyrs' Day in Syria?
Next Martyrs' Day in Syria takes place in 214 Days.
Dates of Martyrs' Day in Syria
2030 Monday6th May
2029 Sunday6th May
2028 Saturday6th May
2027 Thursday6th May
2026 Wednesday6th May
2025 Tuesday6th May
2024 Monday6th May
2023 Saturday6th May
2022 Friday6th May
2021 Thursday6th May
2020 Wednesday6th May
2019 Monday6th May
2018 Sunday6th May
2017 Saturday6th May
2016 Friday6th May
2015 Wednesday6th May
1 Day

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