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Historical Events on August 4

  • France


    France: members of the National Constituent Assembly take an oath to end feudalism and abandon their privileges.

  • Flag of Japan


    The Hinomaru is established as the official flag to be flown from Japanese ships.

  • World War I


    World War I: The German 12th Army occupies Warsaw during the Gorlice-Tarnów Offensive and the Great Retreat of 1915.

  • The Holocaust


    The Holocaust: A tip from a Dutch informer leads the Gestapo to a sealed-off area in an Amsterdam warehouse, where they find and arrest Jewish diarist Anne Frank, her family, and four others.

  • Civil Rights Movement


    Civil Rights Movement: Civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney are found dead in Mississippi after disappearing on June 21.

  • Vietnam War


    Vietnam War: At the apartment of French intermediary Jean Sainteny in Paris, American representative Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese representative Xuân Thuỷ begin secret peace negotiations. The negotiations will eventually fail.

  • President of the United States


    U.S. President Jimmy Carter signs legislation creating the United States Department of Energy.

  • Operation Storm


    Operation Storm begins in Croatia.

  • NASA


    NASA's Phoenix spacecraft is launched.