Next Magha Puja Day holiday is on

27th February 2021, Saturday

What is Magha Puja Day?

Magha Puja Day

In Thailand, the Magha Puja Day is a national Buddhist holiday. It falls either in February, according to the Lunar Calendar; or in March, according to the Gregorian calendar. The Magha Puja is typically celebrated during the third lunar month of the year; due to the deliverance of Buddha’s teachings in that period.

Magha Puja Day also known as

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When is Magha Puja Day?

How long until Magha Puja Day?
Next Magha Puja Day takes place in 0 Days.
Dates of Magha Puja Day
2022 Wednesday16th Feb
2021 Saturday27th Feb
2020 Sunday9th Feb
2019 Tuesday19th Feb
2018 Thursday1st Mar
2017 Saturday11th Feb
2016 Monday22nd Feb
1 Day

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