Next Canada Day holiday is on

1st July 2023, Saturday

What is Canada Day?

Canada Day

On the first of July of ever year, Canadians celebrate Canada Day, which marks the day Canada became a sovereignty of Great Britain in 1867. Prior to 1983, however, Canada Day was called Dominion Day.

Canada Day is a public holiday with a patriotic mood, where the national flag of Canada is widely spread across the country, and many people paint their faces with Canada’s national colors. Furthermore, myriad events are organized to commemorate the day, such as parades, carnivals, fireworks display, festivals, and concerts. In the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, the celebrations are conspicuously ebullient and jubilant.

In Quebec, Canada Day is also known as Moving Day – many people start moving out to different homes; as many home leases start on the first of July and last for precisely one year. The celebrations in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is different, however; for there are two different occasions that coincide on the first of July: Canada Day and Memorial Day. Ergo, in the morning, people commemorate the lost souls of the Battle of the Somme during World War I by holding memorial services. Thereafter, the celebrations of Canada Day commence, which are tantamount to those throughout the country.

When is Canada Day?

How long until Canada Day?
Next Canada Day takes place in 270 Days.
Dates of Canada Day
2030 Monday1st Jul
2029 Sunday1st Jul
2028 Saturday1st Jul
2027 Thursday1st Jul
2026 Wednesday1st Jul
2025 Tuesday1st Jul
2024 Monday1st Jul
2023 Saturday1st Jul
2022 Friday1st Jul
2021 Thursday1st Jul
2020 Wednesday1st Jul
2019 Monday1st Jul
2018 Sunday1st Jul
2017 Saturday1st Jul
2016 Friday1st Jul
2015 Wednesday1st Jul
1 Day

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