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5th August 2024, Monday

What is Civic Holiday in Canada?

Civic Holiday in Canada

The first Monday of August is a public holiday in many areas of Canada, where schools and businesses have a day off. In other parts, however, it is a normal working day. The holiday is referred to by several names, including Civic Holiday, August Holiday, and Provincial Day.

The celebrations last throughout the entire first week of August in some places, where divers inconspicuous and unostentatious events are organized by community members, such as sports events and barbecues. Bigger events are also held, including fireworks display, cultural festivals, and road races.

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When is Civic Holiday in Canada?

How long until Civic Holiday in Canada?
Next Civic Holiday in Canada takes place in 115 Days.
Dates of Civic Holiday in Canada
2030 Monday5th Aug
2029 Monday6th Aug
2028 Monday7th Aug
2027 Monday2nd Aug
2026 Monday3rd Aug
2025 Monday4th Aug
2024 Monday5th Aug
2023 Monday7th Aug
2022 Monday1st Aug
2021 Monday2nd Aug
2020 Monday3rd Aug
2019 Monday5th Aug
2018 Monday6th Aug
2017 Monday7th Aug
2016 Monday1st Aug
2015 Monday3rd Aug
1 Day

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