Next National Aboriginal Day in Canada holiday is on

21st June 2024, Friday

What is National Aboriginal Day in Canada?

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On the 21st of June of every year, Canadians observe the National Indigenous People’s Day –formerly known as National Aboriginal Day– which celebrates the autochthonous groups’ idiosyncratic heritage, culture, history, and achievements. It is a public holiday in some areas, and a normal working day in others. However, the celebrations span across the entire country.

The National Indigenous People’s Day is a great opportunity for people to discover and explore the contributions of the three native groups in Canada –the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis– in ameliorating and developing the country. Various activities and events are held to commemorate the unique culture and achievements of the indigenous groups, including fundraisers; traditional feasts; social gatherings accompanied with traditional and contemporary music, singing, and dancing; and the cutting of a cake to pay homage to the aboriginal people.

When is National Aboriginal Day in Canada?

How long until National Aboriginal Day in Canada?
Next National Aboriginal Day in Canada takes place in 24 Days.
Dates of National Aboriginal Day in Canada
2030 Friday21st Jun
2029 Thursday21st Jun
2028 Wednesday21st Jun
2027 Monday21st Jun
2026 Sunday21st Jun
2025 Saturday21st Jun
2024 Friday21st Jun
2023 Wednesday21st Jun
2022 Tuesday21st Jun
2021 Monday21st Jun
2020 Sunday21st Jun
2019 Friday21st Jun
2018 Thursday21st Jun
2017 Wednesday21st Jun
2016 Tuesday21st Jun
2015 Sunday21st Jun
1 Day

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