Next Feast of the Ascension holiday is on

9th May 2024, Thursday

What is Feast of the Ascension?

Feast of the Ascension

The Feast of the Ascension commemorates the bodily Ascension of Prophet Jesus into heaven. It is sometimes called The Day of the Ascension, Ascension Thursday or Holy Thursday.

Feast of the Ascension also celebrated in

When is Feast of the Ascension?

How long until Feast of the Ascension?
Next Feast of the Ascension takes place in 15 Days.
Dates of Feast of the Ascension
2030 Thursday30th May
2029 Thursday10th May
2028 Thursday25th May
2027 Thursday6th May
2026 Thursday14th May
2025 Thursday29th May
2024 Thursday9th May
2023 Thursday18th May
2022 Thursday26th May
2021 Thursday13th May
2020 Thursday21st May
2019 Thursday30th May
2018 Thursday10th May
2017 Thursday25th May
2016 Thursday5th May
2015 Thursday14th May
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