Next Trinity Sunday holiday is on

15th June 2025, Sunday

What is Trinity Sunday?

Trinity Sunday

It is the Sunday of Pentecost in Oriental Christianity and the first Sunday after Pentecost in the liturgical calendar of Western Christianity.

Trinity Sunday celebrates the Christian doctrine of the Trinity believing in the three persons of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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Christian Holidays and Observances

Christian Holidays and Observances

Christian holidays play a very significant part in this world’s daily agenda, even though many other people around the world are not Christians and vast areas in which Christianity has no followers. The Christian holidays are well known around the world, and they are also a critical factor in international business at certain times of the year. From its very beginning, Christianity set out to mark its historical events by holidays, creating these holidays to commemorate some meaningful event in the history of the religion birth.

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When is Trinity Sunday?

How long until Trinity Sunday?
Next Trinity Sunday takes place in 326 Days.
Dates of Trinity Sunday
2030 Sunday16th Jun
2029 Sunday27th May
2028 Sunday11th Jun
2027 Sunday23rd May
2026 Sunday31st May
2025 Sunday15th Jun
2024 Sunday26th May
2023 Sunday4th Jun
2022 Sunday12th Jun
2021 Sunday30th May
2020 Sunday7th Jun
2019 Sunday16th Jun
2018 Sunday27th May
2017 Sunday11th Jun
2016 Sunday22nd May
2015 Sunday31st May
1 Day

Upcoming Christian Holidays