Christian Holidays and Observances

Christian holidays play a very significant part in this world’s daily agenda, even though many other people around the world are not Christians and vast areas in which Christianity has no followers. The Christian holidays are well known around the world, and they are also a critical factor in international business at certain times of the year. From its very beginning, Christianity set out to mark its historical events by holidays, creating these holidays to commemorate some meaningful event in the history of the religion birth.

The most famous of all Christian holidays are naturally Christmas, this joyous occasion presents Christianly to the world in its purest form, a warm family holiday that is celebrated to remember that Jesus was born on the date. The spirit of giving and sharing on Christmas day, while appreciating the family closeness and unity represents the true spirit of charismas and the Christian holidays.

The common tradition is to set up a Christmas tree decorated with lights and other colorful decorations, many decorate the whole house with lights and sometimes even with some puppets of Santa and his reindeers. Most people like to exchange gifts before Christmas; this is something very special to non-Christians as they whiteness a whole community shopping around for gifts, emphasizing the spirit of giving.

Another major Christian holiday is Easter, which is celebrated to remind the believers of the resurrection of Jesus; Easter is one of the oldest of the Christian holidays. There is a special importance to this holiday since it is a traditional and especially important to visit the church on that day, even for those who are not regular visitors to the church try and make it on Easter.

Christians celebrate lots of other holidays including All Saint's Day on 1st of November, All Soul's Day, St. Andrew's Day, Holy Trinity Sunday, and Good Friday. Some other holidays are Ash Wednesday, St. David's Day, St. Patrick's Day on 17th of March, Palm Sunday, The Assumption of Mary Aug 15, Mothering Sunday, All Hallows Eve on Oct 31 Christ The King and so on.

One significant thing to know is that in many places around the world people are aware of the Christian holidays, the rest of the world watches as the Christian holidays are celebrated in Europe and the west, and many businesses come to a halt as a result of the holidays. Since many people take a long vacation, it is customary to say that no one really works during the holidays and you can only expect to start doing business again after New Year’s is celebrated and recovered from.