Next June 30 Uprising in Egypt holiday is on

30th June 2023, Friday

What is June 30 Uprising in Egypt?

June 30 Uprising in Egypt

On the 30th of June of 2013, protesters gathered to overthrow the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi –the first elected president following the January 25 Revolution in 2011– exactly one year after the commencement of his presidency. The mass protests were response to Tamarod, a petition which claims to have foregathered more than 29 million signatures, and was instigated in April of the same year; demanding the immediate demission of Morsi and his government. The uprising led to a coup d’état by the Egyptian military to conform to the protesters’ clamors. The Egyptian military posited that the June 30 Uprising was the biggest demonstration in the history of Egypt; amassing approximately 32 million protesters. The aforementioned statement was based on the numbers of protesters scanned by helicopters all-over Egypt. Nonetheless, many have rebutted this proclamation; suggesting that the number of protesters in the June 30 Uprising against President Morsi is widely exaggerated. A statistical expert study apropos the June 30 mass assembly imparted that the number of protesters throughout Egypt barely exceeded one million.

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When is June 30 Uprising in Egypt?

How long until June 30 Uprising in Egypt?
Next June 30 Uprising in Egypt takes place in 144 Days.
Dates of June 30 Uprising in Egypt
2030 Sunday30th Jun
2029 Saturday30th Jun
2028 Friday30th Jun
2027 Wednesday30th Jun
2026 Tuesday30th Jun
2025 Monday30th Jun
2024 Sunday30th Jun
2023 Friday30th Jun
2022 Thursday30th Jun
2021 Wednesday30th Jun
2020 Tuesday30th Jun
2019 Sunday30th Jun
2018 Saturday30th Jun
2017 Friday30th Jun
2016 Thursday30th Jun
2015 Tuesday30th Jun
1 Day

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