Next Repentance Day holiday is on

20th November 2024, Wednesday

What is Repentance Day?

Repentance Day

Repentance Day –often called Buß- und Bettag, which roughly translates to Day of Repentance and Prayer– is a public holiday in Saxony, Germany. It typically falls on the Wednesday betwixt the 16th and 22nd of November, and is celebrated by various Christian denominations. Formerly, Repentance Day was a public holiday across Germany. Nevertheless, nowadays, it is an exclusive public holiday in Saxony, whereas in Bavaria, it is a school holiday only.

When is Repentance Day?

How long until Repentance Day?
Next Repentance Day takes place in 174 Days.
Dates of Repentance Day
2030 Wednesday20th Nov
2029 Wednesday21st Nov
2028 Wednesday22nd Nov
2027 Wednesday17th Nov
2026 Wednesday18th Nov
2025 Wednesday19th Nov
2024 Wednesday20th Nov
2023 Wednesday22nd Nov
2022 Wednesday16th Nov
2021 Wednesday17th Nov
2020 Wednesday18th Nov
2019 Wednesday20th Nov
2018 Wednesday21st Nov
2017 Wednesday22nd Nov
2016 Wednesday16th Nov
2015 Wednesday18th Nov
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